Wood treatment

The treatment is done in an autoclave with the product Tanalith-E 3474 whose active principle are the copper salts.

The cycle of treatment is done by the Bethell system or full cell. The wood is intruduced inside the autclave. The cycle span of the treatment is about 3 hours aproximately, and is done a first vacuum (-0.8 bar), an attack pressure (9 Kg) and a final Vacuum (-0.8) to dry the wood and extract the excess of product.

The treated wood then arrives at a level of penetration NP5, what implies is that the biocidal product arrives at 100% of the sapwood. The biocide product retention arrives at least to 16.7 Kg of product per cubic metre of treated sapwood. As a consequence of the salts treatment, the wood gets a green color.

Class of Use 4; Penetration Factor NP 5.